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The recent AI buzz has popularised ChatGPT as the AI tool to offer multiple advantages and benefits in enhancing the workplace efficiency. Firstly, it offers instant access to a wide array of online information and resources in one place, eliminating the need to hunt for information elsewhere. Employees can immediately obtain relevant information or instructions simply by engaging in a human-like conversation with ChatGPT. The tool can also streamline repetitive tasks by automating certain processes. It can also assist with mundane data entry work, scheduling and basic administrative duties, freeing up more valuable time for one to focus on more complex and strategic functions. ChatGPT's 24/7 availability ensures uninterrupted access to support and guidance, catering to even remote work arrangement and different time zones. Leveraging on ChatGPT's dynamic capabilities improve productivity significantly in the workplace, reduce response time and foster a more efficient work environment ----- the above paragraph is auto-generated by ChatGPT

Event Detail

At the end of the workshop, participants would be able to :

  • understand the benefits of using ChatGPT in their workplace
  • utilise and optimise the capabilities of ChatGPT in various office related tasks
  • apply suitable, easy-to-use techniques in Generative AI for video scripting, creation and production
  • address and mitigate potential concerns related to the use of Generative AI-powered tools


During this 1-day session, participants will be guided on the following :

I. Workplace Productivity

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-powered tool (ChatGPT)
2. The potential advantages and ethnical concerns linked with the use of generative AI-powered tools
3. Prompt engineering techniques of ChatGPT to generate high quality content
4. Leveraging ChatGPT for professional content writing
5. Strategies to guide ChatGPT to carry out diverse office tasks - emails, minutes, proposals, reports, research (business development purpose), copywriting (marketing & selling purpose)
6. Combining other online tools with ChatGPT to create persuasive Powerpoint slides (presentation purpose)
7. Activate voice control for ChatGPT
8. Learning activities and hands-on practice sessions

II. Video Creation

1. Overview of generative AI in video creation
2. Video scripting and creation
3. Prompts techniques for video script creation
4. Creating videos from scripts and Powerpoint slides in combination with other available AI-powered tools
5. Creating and integrating avatars in video in combination with other available AI-powered tools
6. Learning activities and hands-on practice sessions

Note : Participants are expected to have their ChatGPT 3.5 sign-in account ready beforeclass starts.

Why Should Attend

"The overview was great to have a quick understanding of the power of ChatGPT and AI, especially for those who have not been exposed to these technologies before.” ----- Yap Lee Tat, General Manager

"I was already using Microsoft apps like Word, Powerpoint and Designer, but the trainer demonstrated other tricks for using them in creative and productive ways." ----- James Huang, Senior Executive, Corporate Communications

This workshop is for business owners, Senior Directors, Managers or working level executives who wish to seek a good grasp of understanding ChatGPT and how to leverage on various readily available AI tools to increase their productivity in their work environment. Participants will also get to learn to create short, interesting videos effortlessly for corporate or personal use. This workshop is tailored for a broad audience so no prior knowledge in AI is required.