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This workshop is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively understand and apply GST concepts into your area of work. Lack and inadequacy of knowledge on GST Taxation has cost many businesses unnecessary penalties when they run afoul of taxation laws, do not be one of them. With notes specially designed for easy learning, to broaden and reinforce understanding of proper GST treatment, you will possess the knowledge and know-how to compute and file your GST returns accurately at the end of this workshop.

Event Detail

Relevant to new businesses and staff, accounts and finance personnel. Existing businesses and staff should also attend this as a refresher workshop or to clarify their doubts. Members are encouraged to attend this workshop to acquire a good understanding of the various provisions of the subject matter.


Overview & Basic Concepts of GST
- Types of Supply
- Output Tax vs Input Tax
- Tax Invoices, Simplified Invoices & Receipts
- Foreign Currency Invoice
- Credit Notes & Debit Notes
- Claiming of Input Tax
- Bad Debt Relief
- Fringe Benefits
- 5 Disallowed Input Tax Claims
- Accounting for Putout Tax
- Imports
- Major Exporter Scheme
- Exports
- International Services
- Absorption of GST
- Price Displays
- Reimbursement vs Disbursements
- Open Market Value
- Disposal of Business Asset
- Purchase of a Brand New Vehicle
- Sale of 2nd Hand Vehicle
- Discount vs Rebate
- Sponsorship
- Free Samples
- Deposits
- Penalties & Interest
- Reimbursement of Handphone Bills
- Entertainment & Office Expenses
- Incidental Expenses
- Record Keeping
- Completing the GST F5 Return
- GST F5 Exercise
- When do you need a GST F7?
- Change of Business Details

S$300.00 (Non-Member)
1 – 1S$300.00
2 – 4S$270.00
5 +S$240.00
S$300.00 (Non-Member)